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Welcome To Our Home

Hello and welcome to the home of PISI, Staten Island's #1 paranormal investigators . For folks who might not know, we at Paranormal Investigations of Staten Island are striving to build a reputable and credible paranormal research organization. For over ten years we have been studying and researching the paranormal conducting investigations and analyzing the collected evidence with a scientific logic. We at PISI investigate with the intent to debunk the alleged haunting. We believe at least 80% of all alleged paranormal activity can be explained and debunked by a natural or "normal" cause. This is our mentality, to look upon evidence with a scientific and logical eye. There are many others who share this mentality such as the Eastern Paranormal Investigation Center (EPIC). Please enjoy this insight into our group.


For more extensive information on the Paranormal please visit our new informational page:

your paranormal guide

Please bear with us as the page is still under construction and check back regularly to see new updates.


Want to see our investigative procedures? Click the link below:

PISI Investigative Procedures.


Think you want to be an investigator or start your own group? Click the link below for suggestions and advice from the PISI team.

Ghost Hunting for Beginners.

PISI would like to thank everyone who expressed interest in joining. Currently there are no available positions left open. We are no longer accepting any further applications for investigators at this time.


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Come join us as we tour the historical hauntings of Snug Harbor Cultural Center

Click here for more details:

Snug Harbor's Historical Hauntings Paranormal Adventure


Current Pending Investigations

*Undisclosed Residential* - Interviewing Now 

Church of Saint Andrew - Revisit

Snug Harbor - Multiple Locations


Completed Investigations:

Church of Saint Andrew- Historical Location


Snug Harbor- Governor's House


Several Undisclosed Residentials

Alice Austen House- Historical Location

Snug Harbor- Historical Location


Garibaldi Meucci Museum - Historical Location

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Seeking More Help?

Although we aren't as of yet a part of the TAPS family, we will refer anyone who wants help outside of the New York/ New Jersey area to them. The Atlantic Paranormal Society is located in Warwick RI and frequently travels beyond the New York/New Jersey/ Pennsylvania area to help those in need.  We hope to one day personally help those people living outside the New York/New Jersey/ Pennsylvania area.

Want Us to Investigate?

Have Paranormal activity in your home or place of business? Want someone to check it out for you? Then look no further. The PISI team will come to your location FREE OF CHARGE! Just email us with your name and/or the name of your business with a contact number, and we will set up an investigation date. Remember, we are here to help and comfort you. We understand the sensitivity of your situation and will do what ever we can to make sure that you are comfortable in your home or place of business. All personal information will be kept with the strictest of confidentiality and NEVER revealed to any third party unless specifically requested by you, the client.

Thank you!